Bundutec Defender Trophy
MAPUTALAND 2022 (27 APRIL – 02 MAY 2022)

Bundutec Defender Trophy Limpopo 2022 – Programme & Route information

Welcome to the magic of the Bundutec Defender Trophy MAPUTALAND, which will take place in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal between Eswatini and the Indian Ocean 

Note: This is not a driving competition, but a family friendly overland fun event aimed at Defender enthusiasts. Each day participants receive a questionnaire about the local culture, fauna, flora and of course Land Rover, and the “team” with the highest score will be the winners!

Programme &  Accommodation

R 11250.00 per entry (including 2 x participants)
Additional participants: R 2000.00 per person
Under 12 – R 1000.00 per person

The inaugural event took place in 2004 in Lesotho, Limpopo province in 2005, and in 2006 we followed the Limpopo river into Mozambique and into The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park – and what memorable events they were!!

In those days the Defender trophy was squarely aimed at the average Defender owner and family, and offered great Defender adventures with fun-filled competitions focused around the Defender and its rich heritage.

Standard vehicles were the order of the day, and “obstacles” along the way were selected with great care to ensure the vehicles were not damaged in any way.

Bonding and camaraderie between the guys was something out of this world!

After Johan left and hand the event over to Land Rover Centurion, it became more of a “Camel Trophy”, which ended in 2014.

At the 2016 “Defender farewell party”, Johan was prompted to re-instate the Defender Trophy and based it on the original winning formula!

The first “new” Defender Trophy took place in Limpopo in 2016, which has since become an annual event. And due to popular demand a second annual Defender Trophy is now also organised for Defender owners in the Western- and Eastern Cape.

The rest is history – come and experience one of these great Defender events for yourself!


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