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Welcome to Defender Trophy

The original Defender Trophy was the brain child of Johan Kriek.

He organised,  managed and guided the first 3 events.

The inaugural event took place in 2004 in Lesotho, Limpopo province in 2005, and in 2006 we followed the Limpopo river into Mozambique and into The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park – and what memorable events they both were!!  🙂

In those days the Defender trophy was squarely aimed at the average Defender owner and offered great Defender adventures with fun-filled competitions focused around the Defender and its rich heritage.

Standard vehicles were the order of the day, and “obstacles” along the way were selected with great care to ensure the vehicles were not damaged in any way. Bonding and camaraderie between the guys was something out of this world! (The event was never intended to be the extreme competition that it later became). 

We re-created the Defender Trophy in 2016, and based it on the original winning formula! Come and experience one of the greatest Defender events for yourself!

23/24 – 28 Sept 2019

Bundutec Defender Trophy 2019

South Africa



Why Defender Trophy?

Defender Trophy has been appointed as agents for SUPER WINCH

– The original winch of the Camel Trophy –


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